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Unpacking to Pack

June 17th, 2012 ksgall13

We made it home from Spain relatively smoothly on Thursday afternoon and aside from running through the airport in Madrid to catch our flight, there were no problems. When I got home on Thursday I started to unpack my luggage and went right to doing errands. It was a pretty big adjustment from going from vacationing to running around all day long, but everything worked out well even though I responded to a worker in a store in Spanish one day! I’ve found the transition from Spain to the US to be a little bit difficult in terms of the language change, as I’ve grown accustomed to dealing with daily activities in Spanish. Luckily I live five minutes from the beach and was able to surf for a little while on Friday while the waves were halfway decent.

This weekend went by WAY too fast, but it was a great one despite waking up every morning at seven from my jet lag. I managed to see the majority of my good friends over the past few days, and we had a great time out in Atlantic City, as always. That being said, I’m on my way up to New York City as I write and am starting to get really excited about this whole new experience. My birthday happens to be tomorrow, which couldn’t be better timing for the summer (finally, 21!). I’ll be moving in today, and then work starts tomorrow. What a whirlwind…

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