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June 21st, 2012 ksgall13

These past few days have been ridiculously busy. This transition from the vacation lifestyle of Mallorca to this Manhattan lifestyle has been a pretty tiring one, but all worth it. The area where I’m living (next to Little Italy and SoHo) has tons of things to do and a pretty good scene when it comes to nightlife. It works out that a pretty well known club happens to be about a 5 second walk from my apartment (not sure if this is a great thing or terrible thing just yet).

This week has been great in terms of getting to know the different parts of the city. Yesterday, I went to some hearings in Brooklyn with an attorney from Part of the Solution and had a nice big omelet and toast with him for the first time in a while. After that I ran over to Manhattan and took care of some other matters for the organization, saw about a thousand Justin Bieber fans screaming for him, and then finally made it back to the Bronx to finish up the day. It was pretty cool to be able to see all three of those boroughs in one day! I think that my body is finally starting to adjust to the time change after a week of hardly any sleep too.

I can’t see myself slowing down any time soon!

Too bad I can’t make my photos look super artsy with instagram… Enjoy..

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