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4th of July in NYC

July 6th, 2012 ksgall13

One thing I’ve realized over the past few weeks is that working here has really helped me improve one thing: listening. The people that come into POTS seeking guidance all have unique characteristics and represent a diverse range of backgrounds. As soon as I became relaxed enough to really take it all in, the rewards that I got for listening have been great. I’ve heard some unbelievable, both inspiring and unforgettable, stories. Thy don’t think too much of their own stories, and feel as if that’s just what everybody else in the world has experienced. Maybe that’s just their humility. The great thing about the stories is that they aren’t based on current or past struggles, but rather, moments in their lives that they remember like any other day (like having to leave Poland and France during World War II, for example).

This 4th of July in NYC turned out to be a great one spent with a few friends throughout the day. A friend from home and I went around several parts of the city, despite the heat and mobs of tourists everywhere (even though we were essentially just that). We ended up making it to the Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Times Square, and then ate two huge cheeseburgers covered in corned beef and pastrami. The heat and the burger got the best of my friend, who called it a night, while I ten met up with some other people to see the firework show on the Hudson River. I can confidently say that it ended up being the best show I’ve seen in my entire life and was the perfect way to finish up a long, fun day.

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