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Sidewalk Surprises

July 23rd, 2012 ksgall13

Last week we were walking down the street looking for a spot to hang out at. It was pretty late and the streets were a little bit quiet. I saw a man casually standing next to a building, along with a few others. Aside from some barely audible background music, there weren’t any signs or windows that gave any kind of indication that there was anything going on. The guy looked at us and said, “You want to check it out?” Being the curious type, I shrugged my shoulders and figured why not. We opened the door and were immediately met by a set of stairs. Not knowing to expect, I assumed the venue would be on par with a frat-bro basement and didn’t have high hopes. Curveball. What we was a surreal sensation that left me wondering if I was in the United States, or was sent directly to Paris for the night. The only way to describe it would be 80’s disco basement party (translation: perfect). It was a nice change to see a place like that, and it ended up being very enjoyable. It always seems that the best things in life come unexpectedly.

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