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Week 6

July 31st, 2012 ksgall13

After finishing my sixth week working at Part of the Solution I’ve come to realize that if the different parts that make up the organization didn’t have the same ideas, ways of finding solutions to problems, work ethic, and general outlook on most things, then there wouldn’t be much of an organization. After doing a group exercise one morning at POTS, it was interesting to see the amount of similar thoughts, approaches, and backgrounds a lot of the people shared in the particular group I was working with. One of the most important traits that I see in all of my co-workers is selflessness, which is one of the many words that I could easily use to describe the general attitude of the organization as a whole.

The work I have been doing has been going extremely well and I have been really enjoying the assignments my supervisors have been giving me. One of the coolest things that I’ve been able to do was making a trip to an apartment of a group of clients. When I walked into the main lobby, I was shocked: it honestly looked like a run-down version of a lobby in a luxury hotel. The size was large enough to hear an echo of yourself if you spoke; yet the entire place had a quirky, solemn ambiance that replaced my initial feeling of ‘wow’ with a more down to earth reality. We spoke briefly (all in Spanish) with the family in the lobby, but then to my surprise, they took us upstairs to talk more in their apartment. Essentially the tenant-landlord relationship had been on its way downhill; the guilt was on the landlord’s shoulders. In my opinion the landlord had made some shady claims about repairs, payments, and charges without much concrete evidence to back anything up. The tenants didn’t want to be cut short by a miscommunication.

We ended up helping the clients out, but the thing that was great to see was their hospitality. The atmosphere was inviting, warm (literally too), and fun despite the urgent housing matter that was being discussed. They even offered us a few things to drink, and I couldn’t say no to the mango flavored one. What I’m getting to is that the effort we made to help this specific family with their problem didn’t go without  acknowledgement. The family was more than appreciative, which reflected on their decision to reciprocate the kindness. It’s good to know that when you go the extra mile for somebody, they’ll go an extra one for you as well.

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