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Paris in New York

August 6th, 2012 ksgall13

The one word I could use to describe this week would be, in its simplest sense, French. I experienced first hand the overflowing influence of French nightlife in New York City. Saying that this past week turned out to be exhaustingly action-packed would be a serious understatement. After some extensive exploring and games of trial and error, it seems that I’ve finally discovered places that I truly enjoy being at.

In short, we refreshingly overdosed on the recently imported Parisian nightclub, Le Baron, located in a quiet Chinatown neighborhood. From the outside it doesn’t seem like much; only a black awning covering a red door, but if the planets are aligned just right you might get lucky enough to get a taste of what’s behind the velvet ropes. We went twice.

As an adamant Twitter fiend, I learned that one of my favorite producer/DJ groups happened to be coming to New York for some shows. The coed duo from Paris had a show scheduled at a venue in Brooklyn and I knew I wouldn’t be able to pass it up. It was a Friday night so I knew that it would end up being a late night. I sometimes forget that Europeans really do have a later time schedule for, well… pretty much everything, but was quickly reminded when they started their set at around 2:30. Between the fun and energetic crowd, great mixing from Jupiter and music that I can dance all night to (nu disco), the night turned out to be one of my favorites in New York so far.

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