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August 19th, 2012 ksgall13

Having now finished my time at Part of the Solution, I’ve used the past day or two to reflect on my experience there. What I’ve seen happen at POTS is an extraordinary effort to simplify the complicated aspects of the different operations that go on there. Some of the stories and situations I’ve encountered while being there have been eye openers to say the least, but most importantly have taught me to practice patience, humility, listening. Amidst some of the troubles around the POTS neighborhood, the organization truly is a beacon that shines through the clouds that you might encounter if you ever visit the area. The positive nature of the organization turned out to be extremely contagious. After sleepily making the hour-long commute to POTS every morning, I was constantly and effortlessly greeted by a room full of smiles, which ended up serving as a substitute for a morning coffee to wake me up.

Line outside of POTS

My supervisors turned out to be more than I could ever ask for. As time went on, they threw increasingly challenging tasks at me, helping me feel more confident along the way. They motivated me to come to work every day, and besides the work, we got along extremely well. One of the things that will always stand out in my mind was when an older woman in a wheelchair took a visit to our office and requested some help from us. She was a sub-tenant in an apartment and the main person on the lease hadn’t been seen in three weeks. During those three weeks, her electricity and gas were turned off due to her inability to pay the bill, since she wasn’t listed. To make a long story short, my supervisors handed me the task and with some help we ended up getting her electricity turned back on the next day. She expressed sincere thankfulness when we told her the news; the look on her face was something I’ll never forget, along with the little experiences of this summer.

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